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No Cheating Policy

The GetCashTo Website & App (“GetCashTo”) has a strict no-cheating policy. Users who are caught abusing this policy will go under investigation and will face a permanent ban from the platform. We enforce this policy to make sure our platform is fair and everyone gets an equal chance to earn.

Examples of Cheating

1. Using a robot to generate fake clicks and referrals
We have measures in place to detect bots. And although you won’t be instantly punished if one of your stats are from bot users, if an account has multiple instances of botted stats, they are in violation of this policy.

2. Utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to complete tasks
Users are not allowed to use a VPN when completing tasks. This is to prevent users from completing the same task multiple times by masking their IP. Any attempt to mask your IP when attempting to complete tasks will be in violation of this policy.

3. Creating your own accounts as referrals
It is in violation of this policy to create a new account under your own referral link. We only allow one account per person.

4. Repeatedly submitting spam content
Repeatedly submitting spam posts and invalid links in our Submissions area is in violation of this policy.


Permanent Ban
As mentioned above, we have a strict zero-tolerance policy. If you are flagged by our system due to a possible violation of this policy, your account will undergo a manual rigorous review by our staff. If you are found to actually be in violation of this policy, your account will be permanently banned. Any new accounts you create will be automatically banned.